About those sounds coming from your chimney! ( HINT!  It’s because you don’t have a chimney cap! ) Chimney Swift  (Chaetura pelagica) Chimney Swifts are Federally Protected Birds! The  Chimney Swift  is one of four regularly occurring species of swifts found in North America and the most common swift found east of the Rockies. They got their name because they…

We can replace your “pre-fab” firebox panels! Have cracked or broken fireplace refractory panels? We have replaced thousands of “factory built” prefabricated firebox panels over the years!  The number one thing that goes south with a prefab fireplace is the the “refractory panels” or liners of the firebox. These high temperature panels protecting the metal “shell” of the…

What the heck is a “Prefab” chimney? OR ( Factory Built Fireplace”) OR a “Disposable Fireplace!” They were built and installed knowing that the “normal” lifespan of these units is 15 to 25 years! Here on the coast, maybe not that long!. How old is yours? We can repair or replace any part of a factory…

Water problems with your Masonry (brick) Chimney? OR The damage water can do to your masonry chimney and how to prevent it! Water carved the Grand Canyon and if you do nothing to thwart it, this awesome and powerful force of nature will cause slow but persistent damage to your home year after year. Water will literally “rain havoc” on…

One of the most common service call we get concerns the “damper” of the fireplace. This is the part of a fireplace that you open to have a fire and then close afterwards to “try to” keep from losing your “prewarmed” house heat (or air conditioning during the summer months) from “going up the chimney! Folks think that it…

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