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We sell, install and service all styles and types of gas fireplace or gas stove log sets! One of the most popular reasons homeowners choose to install gas fireplace appliances is low-maintenance and ease of operation. However, to be able to enjoy the simple convenience of your gas appliance, it is essential to have it serviced every…

Why Do I Need A Chimney Cap? #1   Water Penetration! Without a chimney cap professionally installed on top of your chimney, rainwater can get into your chimney and land on the “smoke shelf”. (The smoke shelf is the area directly behind the damper/damper plate. It is a “flat, open space that catches anything that falls…

The trouble with wood burning fireplace inserts! Do any of these look familiar? They do? Then Read On Brother, Read On! If you have a wood burning fireplace insert and it has been in place for a while, the chances of that insert being “properly” installed are “slim to none!” By “properly”, I am referring to a stove installation that adheres…

Chimney Fires! Some tips on how to avoid them! Chimney fires and how to avoid them OR “Ways to keep the fire you want from starting the fire you don’t! Here are some tips on avoiding a chimney fire whether using a fireplace OR a wood stove! 1) Have your fireplace or stove chimney inspected annually by a qualified…

Hardwoods Please Note! We do not sell firewood. These pages are For Your Information. Generally speaking, the easiest way to identify a hardwood is by its leaf type. Hardwoods have a broad-leaf and they will defoliate (the leaves fall off) in the autumn. This group (hardwoods) consists of many different species of trees but some of the most common and are oak,…

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