As hard as it may seem, we do not believe in “Testimonials”.

Honestly, it would only contain “positive” reviews! (Of which we have many) No business in their right mind would post a testimonial that is going to reflect them in any sort of “negative” light.

16002038_sHave you ever seen a “testimonial” page that had anything BUT positive  statements?  Of course not!  KEEP THIS IN MIND, any business, (including ours), that has operated for 38 years is going to have, on occasion, an issue with a customer! (it is how a client’s concerns are resolved that shows the true character of a business!)


Since 1980, Scott and Sue Davis (Seaside Sweep, Inc.), have treated our customers in the manner that anyone would like to be treated, with respectboth for the client and the property that we are working on! 

If you would like to work with a company that strives for true customer satisfaction, please contact us today and remember,

“Your Ash Is Mine!”

Yes, our tagline is hilarious, but we are very serious about what we do!

Seaside Sweep, Inc. is Wilmington’s only CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) Certified Chimney Sweep Company!

Since 1980

Member of the (NCSG) National Chimney Sweep Guild

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