Before & After

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Before - wood burning fireplace in a historic home (small firebox)
After - New direct vent Enviro E30 gas fireplace install
After - New direct vent Enviro E30 gas fireplace install
Before - Dated and rusted 19907's wood fireplace
During - New 2021 fireplace - Prepping for gas log install
After - Vented birch gas log install
Before - Aged gas firebox, nonworking with electric log
During - Enviro Direct vent Q3 in progress
After - Beautiful completed install Enviro Q3 direct vent
Before - rusted fireplace with dated white brick
During - removal of old fireplace
After - new direct vent fireplace installed!
Before - Old Worn Out Fireplace
During Fireplace Install
After New Direct Vent Installations (Finish Work Not Yet Completed)
During Driftwood
After Oyster Shells
Old Direct Vent Fireplace W.Excessive Amounts of Soot on Glass
New Direct Vent Fireplace Being Installed
New Direct Vent Fireplace Installed!
Direct Vent Gas Installation - Before
Direct Vent Gas Installation - During
Direct Vent Installation - After
GalleryFlashing Repair - Before
GalleryFlashing Repair - After
GalleryLiner - Before
GalleryLiner - After
GalleryLiner - Before
GalleryLiner - After
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