Chimney Sweeping Log?

What about this chimney sweeping loggy thingy I saw on TV?

Seaside Sweep, Inc., does not hold the opinion that something you burn in your fireplace or wood stove is going to detect, let alone repair, defects that may be present in your venting system.

This “chimney sweeping log” is not capable of examining the chimney flue (the “liner” of the chimney) to ascertain its true fire-worthiness.

The TV commercials are using an animated illustration of a chimney system that, in the real world, would not pass any building or fire codes. They also WARN YOU that using this product does not take the place of having a CSIA Certified Chimney Professional inspect your chimney system and to sweep it, if needed!

Do Not Waste Your Money!

Have a CSIA Certified Chimney Professional sweep and inspect your chimney


“Your Ash Is Mine!”

Yes, our tagline is hilarious, but we are very serious about what we do!

Seaside Sweep, Inc. is Wilmington’s only CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) Certified Chimney Sweep Company!

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