Chimney Caps

Why Do I Need A Chimney Cap?

#1   Water Penetration!

Without a chimney cap professionally installed on top of your chimney, rainwater can get into your chimney and land on the “smoke shelf”. (The smoke shelf is the area directly behind the damper/damper plate. It is a “flat, open space that catches anything that falls down the chimney flue.) If you are noticing a musty odor, you may have water on your smoke shelf or even in the firebox. Rainwater flowing down the chimney flue will mix with the very acidic creosote which can create that very unpleasant odor that emanates from the fireplace in the warm summer months! A chimney that is wet from rain can lead to mold and mildew issues! Yet another bad odor situation and a potential health risk.


#2   Animal intrusion 

I Want In

Another problem that can occur without a chimney cap is the invasion of your chimney by birds, squirrels, raccoons, or other wild animals. An uncapped chimney flue is a deathtrap for animals. You can imagine the horrible odor a dead animal or bird in your chimney can be. The best way to prevent wild animals from entering your chimney is to have a good quality chimney cap that is equipped with mesh metal sides professionally installed at the top of your chimney. Seaside Sweep, Inc. carries a wide variety of chimney caps, and we can recommend the best one for your chimney and then install it to protect your chimney from water and wild animals.
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#3  Spark Arrestor

Without a properly installed chimney cap. Sparks from your fireplace or stove can escape and land on your roof or nearby vegetation. 

Get that “hole to the sky” capped! We have in stock (or can make) any style and color of chimney cap that best suits your needs.
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